Thursday, March 7, 2013


The colour of the year is emerald. With the Wizard of Oz and Emerald City inspiring us, this ravishing colour is tricky to insert to your wardrobe, however I've made a list of the must have's for emerald looks that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe.

1. Emerald eyes- Check out Sephora because they have the best colour palettes that can help add a little sparkle to your eyes.

2. Emerald Pants- Joe Fresh has a beautiful pair of emerald pants. Pair this soft colour with a soft neutral or complimentary colour like white, black, beige or pink.

3. Emerald Nails- A subtle way to add some emerald to your wardrobe is just paint it on and you can always mix it up by just doing the tips of your nails or two-tone nails. My favourite brands are Nails Inc. and Sephora brand.

4. Emerald Earrings- These beautiful earrings from Ardene's can add a little jazz to any simple outfit. The teardrop shape makes it ideal to wear from a day to night look.

5. Emerald Ring- A beautiful emerald ring can make even the most modest woman flash her hand everywhere to get attention to her ring.

6. Emerald Shoes- I personally think that Dorothy should have worn Emerald Green slippers instead of Ruby Red, any girl will feel like the centre of the universe with these shoes.

Now I know we all love Emerald and it's the must have colour, just make sure not to go dye your hair Emerald but learn to play with this eloquent colour to make any look dazzling.

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